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A communication bridge

between Romanian immigrants established in Italy and their relatives from back home – this was our company’s purpose in the beginning. Over the years, with the help of our experienced professionals and the increasing trust from our partners, Sipstatus grew into a well-known international telecommunication company.

Business meeting for VoIP company which offers international VoIP services for businesses and individuals
Sipstatus headquarters, VoIP services provider, SMS provider, Software Products provider
Communication business Sipstatus Logo, VoIP services provider, SMS provider, Software Products provider, Telecom company provider

Communication Business VoIP Provider is offering VoIP services in order to connect businesses and individuals at a global level
Woman working at VoIP company, voip service providers, telecom voip, communication services
Communication business Sipstatus headquarters, VoIP services provider, SMS provider, Software Products provider

A success-driven, highly adaptive environment

built by ambitious and passionate individuals. Above all, we believe our success is built on meaningful, mutually beneficial business partnerships with our clients and suppliers, a strategy we will continue to pursue and invest in, with global expansion as our main focus.

It’s not only about business communication, but about worldwide human connections.

Our management

Bogdan Dinu

Chief Executive Officer

Otilia Maxim

Chief Financial Officer

Silviu Dragormir

Vice President, Sales &

Business Development

Ionela Iacob

Human Resources Manager

SIPSTATUS CommunicationsSounds Great!

International Carrier Services

Enjoy telephone communication through the Internet

VoIP Services


Making communications more flexible

SMS Services

Software Products

Enforcing security and quality of service

VoIP Software Products

Globally Connected

We act as a communication bridge between cities, countries and continents. Among our globally connected hubs, we remind the following: London, Dubai, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro.

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